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I had a water leak in my house that resulted in substantial damage to my house. I called SERVPRO and they came to inspect, access the damage and start the mitigation within the hour to avoid further damages. All the staff members were professional, knowledgeable and showed sincere concern for the wellbeing of my family.
The Project Manager led the mitigation and repairs and I couldn't be happier with his performance. The response time was impressive; he answered all my questions and ensured the work met my expectations.
I highly recommend working with them if faced with an unfortunate house emergency. They work with the insurance companies and make the process feel easy!!!

I love their service. I was very pleased with the service and professional behavior. Alan was so kind and honest . I can tell he loves what he does and he likes to do the best for the customer. Thank you Alan for your service and you are in my phone contact list from now.

Very professional, courteous, knowledgeable and prompt. They never miss a call. I had so many questions and I probably drove them crazy, but they really did answer the phone every time and addressed all my questions in a very calm and informative manner. Actions do speak louder than words though, and what would seem like a miracle through my eyes is just another piece of cake for these guys. My once flooded and damaged apartment is completely restored back to new. I am grateful for Arlen and his team of pro's. SERVPRO's.

Great service! Fast,
Communicative, and easy to work with.
Never been through a fire loss before but they made it
a painless experience. This is how a highly respected
franchise should operate.
Highly Recommended

Amazing service!!! So professional in every aspect.

We had water damage and Arlen and his team showed up the same day as our call to their office.

They helped us through every step of the process and we are absolutely pleased with the outcome.

I highly recommend Arlen and his team and will tell everyone I know that SERVPRO of Monterey Park is the best.

I was referred to them by my insurance company. Aril was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I was really happy with my experience and would definitely recommend to friends and family.

My family recently experienced a severe leak in our restroom. SERVPRO and Arlen quickly found the problem and solved the issue. The entire SERVPRO crew are very professional.
Through all phases of the job the team made the situation much more comfortable and less stressful for all of us. Thanks to Arlen and the SERVPRO team of professionals, my family and I are now at ease again in our home.
THANKS for your professionalism and great work!

We suspected we ha da mold issue in our bathroom and SERVPRO was quick and responsive in scheduling. Osheen came out right on time and was very polite. He took his time and explained everything to us. He gave us a couple of options and was very honest, which is invaluable to us. Thank you, Osheen!

Our kitchen went up in flames and burned the walls and ceiling. After we put it out we found SERVPRO of Monterey Park. They cleaned up everything and deodorized the entire home from all the nasty smoke. These guys rock! Thank you!

I called them for my restroom pipe supply line. I am so glad they responded quickly. They were able to stop the damages and then called my insurance for me and opened a claim and helped me to recover the loss so quickly. I really liked them and I decided to leave a review for them. Thanks. 


Heavy winds knocked down a tree onto our home in the front lawn. We reached out to SERVPRO of Monterey Park and they arrived in less than an hour and began cleaning up. Very efficient and professional. Thank you for your service!

We had a faulty electrical wire which burst into flames in the living room. I had no idea who to call and a friend recommended SERVPRO. Monterey Park was the closest one and they came over right away. They dealt with our insurance company and managed everything along the way, so all the weight was lifted off our shoulders. Fast, reliable, hard working and extremely professional. Very grateful and highly recommended. Thank you guys!

Arlen and his crew did a awesome job with my gramps kitchen floor. The kitchen floor was flooding really bad. It was a mess. Arlen provided the best customer service and was very reliable. I was in panic when I contacted him. Everything was new to me. As soon as I contacted him, he came right away to get the job done. I'm so happy that I got to work with him and his crew. I would totally spread the word and recommend. Happy customer :)

**Thank you Arlen for your time and service!!

Arlen answered the phone, asked relevant questions, scheduled an appointment that day, and arrived as promised. He did a great job on the repair. He identified why my sink keeps overflowing and did some preventative work, so I would not have the same problem in the future. Arlen was incredibly courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient. Also, he was very safe in his work under the COVID issues. I will surely call him in the future if I have any restoration needs. Very honest and trustworthy.

Looking for a professional, personable, action team! SERVPRO of Monterey Park is my recommendation - Arlen and Ariel came to my rescue on my water leak at my house.  Customer service is clearly a priority for them.  They came to my house quickly with all types of high tech equipment to quickly dry out the house.  Arlen quickly gained my trust, and were knowledgeable from the beginning. Excellent communication every step of the way through the mitigation process. They handled everything through the insurance adjuster and I did not have to worry about a thing!

When I had a fire at my home, I called SERVPRO of Monterey Park and they came out and made sure we were calm and stress free right from the start. They began working immediately and deal directly with our insurance company to make sure everything they were doing was documented and covered. Our adjuster would call them directly is she had any questions or needed pictures. Couldn't ask for a better experience during this troubling time. Thank you to  everyone who helped us and definitely would recommend you guys.

We were unaware of a leaking pipe which caused molding. We didn't know who to call, but luckily we found SERVPRO of Monterey Park. Very knowledgeable, honest, and caring. They even helped us with the insurance company (since we're pretty clueless when it comes to that stuff), but Alan explained everything thoroughly so I could understand. I put my trust in him and his crew and left them to do their job. I could not be happier. Had no issues throughout the whole process. It really was "Like it never even happened." Just like it said on their truck! Going to recommend SERVPRO to everyone.

You really can't go wrong with them. They are fast and hardworking. They showed up right away and removed the drywall which was molding. They covered everything with plastic including all the furniture. They also cleaned everything up and I mean EVERYTHING! Very thorough job. Really couldn't have asked for a more professional group of guys. They deserve all the referrals. Thanks for everything!

Arlen and his team worked hard to get your damaged property restored. We live in a condo and the next door neighbor's unit was destroyed by a fire. We suffered from severe smoke and ash damage. After two weeks, our house has never looked cleaner. Arlen the team leader, went out of his way to keep us aware of all they were doing and kept us updated to plan our return home. Thanks, SERVPRO and his team. The team did a great job created a clean work space. Highly recommend their services.

These guys earned every star. They actually care and it definitely shows through their work ethic. Went above and beyond our expectations. All of our worries went quickly out the door. Thank you SERVPRO of Monterey Park!

If you have any unexpected emergencies, make sure you call SERVPRO in Monterey Park. They know how to get things done and they do it right. They're extremely reliable and honest as well. Highly recommended.

I was referred to them by my insurance company. Aril was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I was really happy with my experience and would definitely recommend to friends and family.

SERVPRO of Monterey Park helped me with the mold issue at my property in Pasadena. I received very good advice from the owner. It saved me a lot of money. I would highly recommend this company.

I can't begin to express how satisfied we are with Arlen's professionalism, work quality, and honesty. I would give 10 stars if I could. Since we are a family of girls, we are often apprehensive and feel very clueless when it comes to fixing anything for the home. We had talked to several other people/companies and were left with more questions than answers. We luckily soon met with Arlen from SERVPRO of Monterey Park. Arlen and his team helped us understand the process and stuck to the timeline. They gave us an honest price and kept us in the loop for everything that happened. We are so grateful and happy with the results. I would highly recommend.

In July 2020, our home was struck by lightning causing a significant attic fire. We ended with fire and smoke; we had no idea where to start. My insurance agent reached out to SERVPRO. The owner was onsite the very next day to explain how everything works. He was here when the adjuster came and explained everything to them. I was probably irritating him by all the questions I had but he happily answered every one of them. Last Friday, they brought all our furniture back and we moved back on Saturday. I recommend SERVPRO of Monterey Park team to everyone who read this review. I hope they always keep the same team.

Arlen from SERVPRO saved our office & made it look better than ever! I was very concerned when we had a roof leak which caused our office kitchenette to be destroyed, but Arlen was a true professional who gave the best estimate for the repairs and cleanup and got the job done very quickly and professionally. The cabins are installed without any gaps or misalignment. Very satisfied and would recommend SERVPRO of Monterey Park to anyone looking for a professional job at a very reasonable price.

Arlen with SERVPRO saved me from a complete total meltdown.  My office had a pipe bust from the wall to the toilet and flooded my office. My entire office was a swimming pool. He came within 30 minutes and handled everything. I had never experienced such a loss.

My management company referred  me to SERVPRO of Monterrey park for water damage in my bedroom which was smelly after 3 days. The Team showed up and started inspecting the area and see what the damages are. Ariel was with his technician and he was really honest . He was just easy to talk and he would give all necessary information that we need. I am glad there are people like him to help us with difficult time. He is my best fried after then and a source of construction information.

SERVPRO of Monterey Park assisted me with an issue at a rental property I own in Los Angeles area. My water heater leaked and damaged the closet. I called SERVPRO of Monterey Park and they showed up on time and were professional throughout the process. They checked the damage and made sure my concerns are addressed. Working with them was pleasant for me and their customer service was superb.  


What a time to have a water leak in the house in a pandemic and middle of summer right? My insurance company sent out SERVPRO to take care of the damaged floors. Arlen arrived exactly the time he told me and called before he arrived. He and the workers set up the equipment quickly and got to work, I could see the big difference in day 2, and it's looking a lot better. Arlen also gave me a lot of tips on the floor maintenance and the insurance process. The team's whole clean up process made my huge headache in the middle of summer a little more bearable. Best part? They are open 24/7 if you have any emergencies.

We were delighted with our experience with SERVPRO. After a water damage in our lower level, our insurance recommended SERVPRO of Monterey Park. They communicated with us every step of the way. I was really impressed and found them to be trustworthy, kind and professional. In general we are pleased with their work. Thank you guys.

I own a salon in Monterey Park Los Angeles. After a pipe burst in our bathroom, we called SERVPRO of Monterey Park. They showed up immediately. I was worried if I can service my client but Arlen isolated his work area in order for me to service my clients while they are performing their clean up. Thank you SERVPRO of Monterey Park.


I had SERVPRO of Monterey Park to inspect my property for a toilet backup water damage. They showed up quickly and took care of the problem and fix all the damages in the best way. I am very satisfy with their service and recommend them to every body.


I requested SERVPRO to come out to Disinfect my shop and customers car I am very happy that I did so will Peace of mind that customers are safe and office staff as well I will use them repeatedly every week very reasonable price


Had a burst pipe in the garage that caused a leakage and these guys from SERVPRO were on it. Arlen arrived quickly and swiftly began cleaning and restoring the mess. He and his crew even took all the items in my garage to storage to prevent any further damage in the restoration process. Brought in high grade professional equipment to dry up the garage and got straight to restoring the place. It seemed like they had done this a million times before and really held up to their slogan of "Like it never even happened." The garage honestly looks a little better than before the leak. 

I had a water damage. I performed a google search and I came across this company. The owner is very professional. He came in and took care of the drying process and resolved all the concerns we had. 

I have used them twice in the past 3 months. First was a water cleanup project at my home. The boys came out, cleaned up the place, and replaced everything which could cause problems down the line. This is all in one day. Additionally, given that their company is well known, I was reimbursed by my insurance company without any problems. This time I needed them to come out and disinfect my office given the COVID outbreak. They thoroughly sprayed the rooms, cleaned up any residue, and were done in under 2 hours. While I don't recall the first tech's name, this time around it was Arlen. He was very knowledgeable, answered all my questions, and was patient in doing so. In closing, I recommend SERVPRO for all your cleanup and disinfecting jobs.

I contacted them after experiencing a water damage loss. Great service.I recommend to everyone who are experiencing all sorts of damages to their residential or commercial properties.

Great company. I called them when my roof started leaking which caused water damage in my guest bedroom. They came right away and explained the process (which I am glad they did) and got to work. In couple of hours the owner showed up and inspected the job and promised me it will be done in 3 days which he was right. I like the fact that I can have a conversation with someone who takes you through the process of the job. 

If you want friendly and good customer service try them. You will be surprised how friendly they are. they answered all my questions and make sure I understand everything before moving forward. They made my claim process very easy. I always was thinking if someday I have a water damage it is hard to deal with insurance company but now I think if you have a good service company they work very easy with you and you won't have any headaches. I would recommend them to all my friends and I am sure they won't regret it.

SERVPRO of Monterey park came to inspect the toilet overflow. It overflowed over the weekend while I was out of town and my family had a party. They responded immediately to my call and dealt directly with my insurance company and saved me from a lot of stress. They made it very simple for me, and I felt very comfortable. It was especially helpful because I was nervous, not knowing much about insurance claims. I appreciate their professionalism and how they were very responsive to all the weird questions I had. They even fixed my bathroom door that was touching the floor for years. After my own experience with them, I would recommend SERVPRO of Monterey Park for your water damage claims.

My experience with SERVPRO of Monterey Park has been all positive. From the moment they picked up the phone to their arrival and service, I have to say I was very pleased. The team is always punctual, which I appreciate. They are absolute life savers and they take care of everything from the beginning to end. Once it comes to any restoration service, do not hesitate to contact them.

I had a water damage which my insurance referred me to SERVPRO of Monterey Park. I'm so glad I had the chance to work with them. Very professional. They provide excellent service and take care of every step of the way, from initial call until completion. When you are in need, these guys will be on your side. I highly recommend SERVPRO of Monterey Park.

GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!! I experienced water damage in my condo and chose SERVPRO through my homeowners insurance. Arlen, the owner of SERVPRO of Monterey Park came out and explained the entire process to me. Arlen was very professional and has a great personality. Arlen and his employee removed all water damage material and always responded to any questions I had during the entire process. I will always recommend SERVPRO of Monterey Park to my friends and family. Thank you to Arlen and his entire team!